The Purpose of KAFNLA

  • Establishing a communication and social network throughout the Korean Commuities in the area to provide important information related to their citizen rights, health, safety, welfare, and education.
  • Promoting friendly relations and collaborations between different groups within the Korean communities as well as between Korean communities and other communities in the area through various joint community activities such as cultural festivals, food fairs, sports events, and sports projects.
  • Fostering healthy and productive educational environment for the youth of the community by providing seminars on various educational subjects as well as on drug/alcohol prevention programs.
  • Providing healthy and joyful living environment to the elderly citizens through various hobby classes and educational programs.
  • Perform fund raising or revenue generating activities to financially support all the activities or programs described above and the management of those funds.
  • Issuing or providing various certificates, letters, commendations, and appreciation plaques to those who provide services, contributions, and donations to this organization.